Festival Emergences


Dedale is a French research and production agency devoted to relationships between arts, culture and new technologies.


The Dedale's activities build upon : Emergences festival, an international digital art festival in Paris, a Media Lab and an artistic residency exchange program (d-lab), and an European media arts Observatory. In this framework, Dedale develops an activity of assistance and consulting for cultural networks and public authorities (digitisation and valorisation of the cultural heritage, new tools and new learning environments, new artistic practices and new habits, emerging art forms and new cultural venues).


Dedale is funded by the European Commission, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the "Région Ile-de-France" and the "Ville de Paris".


The evenings' programme at la Maison de La Villette is organised in coproduction with SAGA.

SAGA's main activities are Scenography, artistic conception and production.
For this new Emergences edition, SAGA provides its expertise in art direction, scenography, technical organisation and festival production.


Smart City conference is organised in association with CitéCulture and the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

CitéCulture is the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris' cultural centre. It plays a part specially in visual arts, music and architecture fields.